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Melody Fairchild

World-class Runner, Motivational Speaker, Coach

Melody Fairchild, worldclass runner, motivational speaker


Melody has been a professional athlete for 22 years.

Career highlights include:

  • First HS girl in U.S. History to break 10 min. for 2 miles. (9:55:00)
  • Two-time Footlocker XC Champion (’90,’91), current course record holder  (16:39, 5k).
  • Bronze Medalist, Jr. World XC Championships, Antwerp, Belgium 1991
  • 8-time Colorado state champion and Current State Record holder in 3200, 1600, ’89-‘91
  • NCCA All American Track and XC, UO Ducks, ’92-‘96
  • NCAA Champion, 3000m indoors, UO Ducks, ‘96
  • Two-time Olympic Trials qualifier, 10k (’96) and Marathon (2000)
  • U.S World Track and Field Championships Team Member, 1997, 5k

Melody National Masters 5k 2014 - Big Win!


  • 2014: Four USATF National Master’s Titles: 5k, 10k, 15k and Trail Half Marathon Championships
  • 2014: 1st, Freihofer’s Run For Women Master’s 5k
  • 2014: 1st, Lifetime Fitness’ Leadville race Series 10k; course record by 4 minutes, 38:07
  • 2012: Top Ten World Mountain Running Championships, Ponte, Di Legno, Italy; member of U.S. Gold Medal Team
  • 2012: Top Ten World Long Distance Mtn. Running Championships, Jungfrau Marathon, Interlaken, Switzerland
  • 2012: 2nd, U.S. Mountain Running Short Course (8k) Championships, Loon Mtn., N.H.
  • 2012: 7th, Bolder Boulder 10k Citizen’s Race 36:12 (altitude)
  • 2012: 4th U.S. Trail Marathon Championships, Project Athena Moab Trail Marathon
  • 2012: 4th USATF Colorado State  XC Championships Colorado Springs
  • 2012: 2nd, USATF  Colorado State Half Marathon Championships, Boulder Half Marathon
  • 2012: 5th, USATF Colorado State  10k Championships, Evergreen Town Race
  • Winner, 2010, 2011, Collegiate Peaks 25 mile trail race, Colo.
  • Winner, 2010 118  mile Trans Rockies Run, Colorado
  • Winner, 2011 Colorado Half Marathon (1:23:00)
  • Top 3 in 2010 and 2011 Teva Mountain Games – uphill Half Marathon and Trail 10k


  • Newton RunningNEWTON Running Elite Team Member, Present
  • Fitness Professional, RallySport Health and Fitness Club
  • Head Coach, Boulder Mountain Warriors Kid’s Running Club
  • Director, Melody Fairchild Running Camp (2007-present)
  • Graduate, Cortical Field Re-Education certification Program, 2010
  • Steens Mountain Running Camp Staff and Guest Speaker, 2000-current
  • Graduate, University of Oregon, B.A., English, ‘96
  • Assistant Track coach, Willamette University, ‘04
  • Assistant XC Coach, Wellesley College, ‘03
  • Head Girls XC Coach, Simsbury HS, Ct., ‘00

Personal Bests:

3k: 9:07
5k: 15:30
10k: 33:06
Half Marathon: 1:11:34

Marathon: 2:44:44


Elite Athlete:   NEWTON Running


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Coaching Services

Join my Master’s Women’s Team that will compete for fun and glory at the USA National Cross Country Championship, right on our home-turf  in Boulder, on February 7th! Group currently forming; call for details.

I take a long-term approach informed by my coaching certification through the Lydiard Foundation; every type of training has it’s place in the cycle of breaking down and rebuilding, which is endurance training. Self-care and greater performance are encouraged through teaching of CFR (see “CFR on this web-site).

One-to-One-Local: 12-24 week program: In-person, coached workout with Melody each week and training plan. Email as needed.  Cost: $270/month.

One-to-One-Remote: 12-24 week program: Once/week check-in by phone and training plan. Email as needed. Cost: $180/month.

Bare-Bones: Training plan only. Email at finish of Goal Race required, to let Coach know how it went! Cost: One-time, $250 for initial one hour phone consult + written program.


*Training Tips:

Melody Feeling Good“Strides:” A stride is done before a workout or a race to get an athlete supremely warmed-up and prepared for the burst of speed you will employ once the interval or race begins. Run 80-100 meters, building up to top speed by the halfway mark, and cruising at that speed through the finish. Recover fully, then do it again. each one, focus on a body part to relax: neck, shoulders, etc. Use these mental cues: “Run tall,” as if someone had a string attached to the back of your head and gently pulled straight UP, bringing length through the back of your neck; “Lift your sternum and lead with your pelvis,” and you will find that the neck relaxes and lengthens as a result; “lead with your knee,” “relax your hands.”

Enjoy running at top speed for a short time. Strides done after easy runs will also encourage quick turnover, helping to develop leg speed in an efficient manner.

Dynamic Drills:

Do these BEFORE working out or racing, as an alternative to static stretching. Dynamic drills help recruit all of the muscle groups, giving balance and efficiency to your stride.

Straight Leg March:

Opposite hand to opposite toes, kick one leg out straight in front of you, while the opposite hand comes to meet it’s foot. Fire the hip flexors in front to LENGTHEN the Hamstrings in the back.


Stand with feet hip width apart. bend down to touch your shins or toes sticking tail bone up towards the sky. Walk hands out until you are a flat plank and to the point that if you went any further, you would fall onto your belly. Hold there, using your core and arm strength and count to 10. Inch your toes back towards your hands, allowing your tailbone to rise straight up toward the sky, your shoulders to soften and your neck to lengthen. Repeat three times. This will warm up and turn on your CORE and lengthen the hamstrings.

If you would like to work with Melody CONTACT or call her at 303.818.8063

Cortical Field Re-education

Prior to discovering the ease and efficiency …

that running with awareness of her bones gave her, Melody endured several overuse injuries which seemed career threatening at the time. In the mid-nineties, as part of her search for healing she discovered Cortical Field Re-education, a movement awareness discipline. Melody discovered how to use her body and bones in an intelligent way.

Melody Fairchild CFT Practitioner and Elite RunnerVery quickly …

Melody gained a bone-deep understanding that she now had options for movement, and learned that she could be at choice about changing discomfort or tightness in her body when running – a joyful discovery for any athlete who wants to stay in the game!
As a result of her early studies in CFR Melody regained her running form as a professional athlete and has gone on to enjoy success in competition  into her forties. Profoundly impacted by these outcomes she embarked on the path to becoming the accomplished Movement Awareness instructor that she is today and completed a four year professional training in CFR.

[testimonial name=”Melody” from=”Coach, Motivational Speaker, Worldclass Runner”]

“As a coach, CFR has allowed me to offer athletes on-the-spot suggestions for subtle changes that make an immediate difference in clients’ performance.

As an athlete, I am accessing Flow more easily than ever before. Much of this has to do with slowing down to notice what I am doing, so that I can feel what it has been costing me to remain within locked-in patterns for years. When I give myself an hour (or five minutes)!on the floor to discover my patterns and learn what my options are for new, more functional movement, it is life-changing.

[testimonial name=”Vicki Hunter” from=”Adult Top 10 Competitor”]

“I have been a competitive runner for much of my adult life. I was in a very traumatic car accident 14 years ago and part of the reason I survived (as did my unborn daughter) was because I was in such good shape. I have done years of therapy and movement that have helped me return to an active lifestyle. However, recently I felt that I had reached a plateau in my running and thought that I had reached my full potential since the accident.

Then I started CFR with Melody. In just 4 lessons, I have seen changes in my body that I did not think were possible this long after the accident. I have renewed excitement for training and racing based on the improvement I have seen in such a short time of doing CFR. I can’t wait to keep working with Melody to see how far I can get.”[/testimonial]

Upcoming CFR Events: Melody will be co-leading a workshop at the Esalen instistute in Big Sur, Ca. Oct. 17th-19th:



Kids Training

Join the Boulder Mountain Warriors Cross Country Team!


Practices begin October 13th and run Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-5:15 (meet in front of South Boulder Rec. Center) and Sundays from 3:00-4:15 (meet at the North Entrance to Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, 4th and Mapleton).

Competitive and fun opportunities for kids in the following age groups: 7-8 (2k), 9-10 and 11-12 (3k)  and 13-14 (4k).

Cost: $230.00, $180 for 2nd child in family


11/2: Boulder Mountain Warrior XC Challenge
Boulder Valley Christian Church, 7100 South Boulder Road.


11/8:USATF Colorado State Championship
DeKoevend Park, Centennial, Co.

11/15 or 11/16: Flatiron Running Inc’s Cross Country Race at Viele Lake, Boulder, Co.

11/22: USATF Regional Championship, Flagstaff, Az.
12/13: USATF National XC Championship, Myrtle Beach, S.C.


Becoming a “Warrior” means having the Courage to reach for something just outside of our comfort zone and allowing that inner “stretch” to build character, as we know that “going out on a limb” means it might break and we might fall. No matter, for if we strive to live and run to our fullest potential, we surely will begin again, from a higher place than we started last time. I aim to support children in having the courage to “fail” and the wisdom to realize that “failure” is all part of the journey of becoming a true warrior; there are no failures, only lessons to be learned from our continuing experience.
For additional questions, please call Melody: 303-818-8063



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